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Tuition & Policies

Tuition Fee for One class:
(9 installments, Sept - May)


30 minutes


$63/monthly installment


45 minutes


$83.50/monthly installment


60 minutes


$92/monthly installment


75+ minutes


$101/monthly installment



  • Second Class Discount: 20%

  • Third Class Discount: 30%

  • Fourth Class Discount: 40%

  • Fifth+ Class Discount: 50%


The non-refundable membership fee ($40 for one dancer in the family, $70 for two dancers in the family, or $95 for families with 3 or more dancers) will be posted to your account within 72 hours of registration. The fee is then due within one week.  If you would like to use auto-pay, you need not take action. We will post using auto-pay 8 days after your registration.

The NINE monthly installments are based on a flat school-year rate.  Classes begin on Monday September 11, 2023, and end in late May.  Closings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Spring Break and Memorial Day are accounted for, as are several snow days.  Students may make-up snow days or sick days in another class section. Make-up class options expire 90 days after the dancer’s absence.


The first monthly installment is due September 1, 2024.  For your convenience, we invite you to use your client portal.  Alternatively, checks may be mailed to The Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance, 207-G South Church St, Middletown, MD 21769, or dropped in the drop box beside the front door.  The remaining eight installment due dates are the 1st of each month, October-May.


A credit card must be provided at the time of registration.  All accounts with tuition balances will automatically be charged on the 5th of each month.  For families preferring to pay in another manner (cash or check), it is necessary that those payments be made by the 3rd of each month.


One half of the spring recital costume bill for each dancer is due November 1, 2024 and the balance is due on December 1, 2024.  This fee is $82.50 per recital costume per dancer for Tiny Dancers (or $41.25 per installment), $93 per recital costume for Beginner and Beg/Int Dancers (or $46.50 per installment), and $103 per recital costume per dancer for Intermediate and Advanced Levels (or $51.50 per installment). Acro attire fees are $51.50 for Pre-Acro (or $25.75 per installment), $62 for Beginner and Beg/Int Acro (or $31.00 per installment), and $72 for Intermediate and Advanced Acro (or $36.00 per installment).  Recital costume fees are posted on 11/1 and 12/1, and auto drafted on 11/5 and 12/5 respectively.


Nutcracker Participation Fee: The participation fee will include one pair of tights (including male roles), one Nutcracker T-shirt per dancer, rental of all costume parts and accessories for class roles, a digital recording of the performance and photos of all performances.  The fee for one dancer is $140, and for each additional dancer in the family an added $85. The Nutcracker Participation Fee applies to all Tiny Dancers 3-6, and Beginner-Advanced Ballet classes. Nutcracker participation fees are posted on 10/1, and auto drafted on 10/5.


Nutcracker Feature Fee:  The feature fee includes the audition fee, rental of all feature costume parts and accessories and all rehearsal time.  The fee for a single role in a single cast is $56.50 (ex. Chocolate attendant, Cast A). The fee for a double role in a single cast is $113 (ex. Fritz/Rat King).  ***NOTE:  Most features will be assigned for a single cast (Cast A or Cast B).  If a dancer is assigned multiple features in both casts, the additional fee will be $52.50 regardless of number of costumes/scenes, for a maximum of $169.50. Nutcracker feature fees are posted on 10/1, and auto drafted on 10/5.


Recital Bundle Fee:  The fee per family is $103 and includes your professionally recorded digital link to all performances, show shirt, digital photos from the performances and one 2024-2025 yearbook!  For each additional dancer, there is an additional $32 fee. Recital bundle fees are posted on 4/1, and auto drafted on 4/5.


Acro-Only Demo Bundle:  The demo fee per family for Acro-Only is $50.00, and includes entrance to the acro demonstration, show shirt, and one 2024-2025 yearbook!  Acro-Only demo bundle fees are posted on 4/1, and auto drafted on 4/5.


We offer a multi-family member discount:  an additional 10% off each class for all students in the family.  For families with 4 or more dancers, the discount increases to 20%, and with 6 or more dancers, the discount increases to 30%.


We do not send statements or bills.  Please use the dates outlined above and your client portal in order to keep your account current.


Final tuition payments must be made before recital tickets are distributed and in order for any dancer to participate in the recital.  Note: If a refund is due based on yearly overpayment, requests must be made to Miss Sandy at by June 30th of the current season.


Membership and Nutcracker fees are non-refundable.  Tuition is refundable under the following conditions: the first month is non-refundable.  Tuition will be refunded from the date of written notification, less a 10% bookkeeping fee.  You will be responsible for your dancer’s tuition payments until the day official written notification is received at the desk..

Pre-registration Incentive! The first 200 dancers who register for the 24-25 season by 6/30/24 will receive a free DBSD sweatshirt featuring our 32nd season design!

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