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“The Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance is a home away from home for my

daughters. While at the studio, the exceptional staff emphasizes

technique while promoting kindness, teamwork, and self-confidence.

At each and every dance event, I am continually amazed at the

talent and professionalism of the staff and dancers. The Dee Buchanan

Studio of Dance is a magical place in which families can

watch their own children grow, flourish, and have dreams come true!"

- Colleen Dunn


“My daughter has grown tremendously as a dancer over the last few years at

the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance. Even though she did not grow up in the

same town or go to school with the other dancers, she was welcomed

and embraced by all. The focus on technique, discipline, kindness, responsibility,

and caring are fundamental principles to the studio and it shows in each staff

member and student. The studio staff are talented, educated teachers,

and more importantly, amazing role models for their students.”

- Cindy Whitmer


“We are starting our 14th season at the studio that has become a second home for my

girls. They enjoy the wide variety of experiences that include traditional and

modern dance training, as well as theatre opportunities involving acting and singing.

Dee and her team provide a positive learning environment where students

learn not only technical performance skills, but also life skills such as

collaboration, creative thinking, responsibility and leadership. The studio has

inspired my daughters artistically and provided them

with wonderful friendships, role models and memories.”

– Karen Beck


"My daughter was 4 years old when she began classes at the Dee Buchanan Studio

of Dance.  Now 14, the studio has become her second home.  She spends

countless hours taking classes, participating in the competition team,

and performing in the DBTE. The studio provides a very safe and welcoming

atmosphere for all.  The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated and

attentive to all their dancers.  It is amazing to see the staff nurture and

become role models for the young dancers.”

– Jen Hartinger


“As parents of three dancers at the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance

we can’t say enough about the studio. The teachers and staff at the

studio are supportive, caring and nurturing. Their influence on the kids is

significant considering the amount of time they spend together each week!

The teachers encourage respect, dedication and commitment to the art

while at the same time communicate a joy and love of dance that brings fun to

the whole experience. We also appreciate the involvement in the community

that the studio offers our children.  It is nice to see dance being

shared as both a form of service as well as entertainment.

Most importantly we have been very happy with the level of instruction and the

philosophy at the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance. The supportive and positive

atmosphere reinforces the values we all strive to instill in our kids at home.”


– Gary and Julie Schreiber

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