News2018-2019 Season

Classes with Miss Alixa!

Miss Alixa (of Alixa Flexibility) is still quarantined in the Ukraine, but she's still finding ways to reach our students!  Dancers enjoyed workshop classes via Zoom on Saturday, May 1, and we have two more opportunities scheduled.

F.I.E.R.C.E. Dancers raise money for dance teachers in need!

Our regional Miss Dance and Teen Miss Dance, Autumn Bramhall and Jordan Wanuck, held a workshop fundraiser on Saturday, May 1, to help raise funds for dance teachers in the Mid-Atlantic area who are struggling to keep their doors open. The workshops were well-attended, and all the dancers' families were very generous!  It was a lovely morning of dancing for a great cause!

Competition Team takes the stage in a marathon day of performances!

Our studio competition team participated in "Groove Competition" in Columbia, MD, on Sunday, April 11, 2021.  The team includes 64 dancers performing a total of 150 solos, duets, trios and groups!  The dancers readily accepted the additional challenge of performing in masks all day, and all present enjoyed a fabulous day of dancing!

EPS Photography returns for second season!

EPS Photography is taking our dancers' recital pictures for the second year, having started with us last summer mid-pandemic!  We love their friendly and professional demeanor and the wide range of purchase options offered to our parents. And we love that parents can be in the room with their dancers to enjoy the process!

Teachers & Dancers train through virtual Cecchetti Conference sponsored by local Cecchetti organization

The East Coast Committee of the Cecchetti Council of America offered two days of virtual training on March 20 & 21. Miss Ally, Miss Jaim & Miss Annie & Miss Dee enjoyed the teacher training seminars, and 12 Cecchetti students took student classes at the studio and 2 more at home.  The ballet classes also featured live accompanists, which is a wonderful treat for dancers! 

Advanced dancers demo for Alixa Sutton international teachers' seminar

Alixa Sutton, Flexibility Expert, has been using several of our advanced dancers as demonstrators for her teachers' certification programs throughout the pandemic. She teaches from her home in the Ukraine and Miss Abby and the dancers provide visual aids for the teachers-in-training. This weekend, Miss Alixa provided an international training for all certified (M2 and above) teachers, and our dancers served as demonstrators for the event.

Verdon/Fosse Legacy Teacher, Alyssa Epstein, teaches class to benefit Bald Ballerina

Verdon/Fosse Legacy Teacher, Alyssa Epstein, taught our Advanced dancers in a master class on Sunday, 3/14, and 100% of the tuition fees were collected for Maggie Kudirka, the Bald Ballerina. The dancers had an amazing 90-minute class and then enjoyed a 30-minute Q&A with Alyssa. It was a fabulous experience!

St. Patty's Day Party Fun!

We hosted a St. Patty's Day Party on Saturday, 3/13, and our dancers had a great time!  Thank you to all families and staff for participating!

Erin Kady to represent Frederick County as Distinguished Young Woman

Congratulations to Erin Kady, who has been selected to represent northern Frederick County at the Distinguished Young Woman state event!  Erin performed a contemporary solo to "Came Here for Love", choreographed by Sam Buchanan, and she was awarded the Fitness and Interview Awards!

Meet MADM's Teen Miss Dance & Miss Dance 2021!

16 of our dancers participated in MADM's regional title event, and every single one of them was stunning!  We are so proud of everyone, and excited to share that several of our dancers won class and interview awards, and that our studio is honored to be the home of all four 2021 1st Runner-Ups as well as Teen Miss Dance and Miss Dance of MADM 2021, Jordan Wanuck and Autumn Bramhall!  Jordan and Autumn will compete in the National event in Dallas this summer!

February Saturday Mini-Camps & Tumble Team

Our 3-10-year-olds enjoyed two mini-camps in February.  On Saturday, 2/6, the dancers participated in “Best Friends” Mini-Camp, and on Saturday, 2/13, they enjoyed “Be My Valentine” Mini-Camp!  


Our Acro dancers also enjoyed two Saturdays of drop-in Tumble Team classes on 2/6 and 2/13.  We’re so proud of the progress our acro dancers are making!

Our Regional Titleholders Compete Nationally!

In January, three of our dancers were honored to be selected to represent Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters of America at the DMA National Convention in July.  That event was postponed until mid-January, and our titleholders were able to compete virtually.  They participated in interviews and audition classes, and they submitted a video of their solo. Our Miss Dance, Brigid Pugh and our Mister Dance, Jacob Holcomb, both did an absolutely amazing job.  Our Junior Miss Dance, Abigail Moser, was also lovely!  And she was honored to be named among the Top Ten high scores in the event!  The dancers were fabulously supportive of one another, and although we were unable to hold a large “watch party”, we were able to bring in a few friends for each of them, and our families at home were so supportive via the livestream!  Thanks to everyone who supported the dancers through notes, well wishes and watching the events.  They felt your love!

“The Nutcracker Ballet, Movie Edition” is a Wrap!

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Nutcracker Ballet participants!  The dancers (both ensemble and features) had little to no rehearsal time prior to our filming days, and they did a wonderful job!  The final product includes three sets, the outside of a local Victorian home, the spacious living room area of an alum’s home, and a decorated Studio D.  Families were able to attend a Drive-In Movie experience on December 18th or 19th, had the opportunity to pay for Video On-Demand during that same time-frame, and now all have a permanent link to the recording.  Special thanks to all of our Ballet teachers, to Sam Buchanan for the movie-version of our choreography, and Abby Buchanan for filming and editing.  And a shout-out to the dancers who worked second camera, and to the moms who provided Nutcrackers and Ornaments for our event as usual!

“Snow Soiree”: a New Tradition!

Due to our current restrictions, holding our annual “Nutcracker Tea” wasn’t a viable option, but by dividing our Features, treats and activities into different rooms, we were able to move young dancers safely through our space to enjoy many of our Nutcracker Tea traditions, and start a few new ones!  We loved seeing our young dancers interacting with our older ones just like any other year!

Congratulations December Examinees!

Congratulations to all of our Cecchetti dancers who prepared for December exams!  We had a small session this time, but it included a big moment: Miss Ally presented her first set of examinees as their solo sponsor!  Congratulations to all participants.

“Behind the Sweets” is Back!

Although our Nutcracker looks a little different this year, our dancers are still featured in several episodes of “Behind the Sweets”!  Season 5, Episode 1 is our “Senior Sweets” edition. Find it on our YouTube channel!

Fall Festival 2020

We held our annual Fall Festival for young dancers on Saturday, October 31, and because Covid is limiting Trick-or-Treating opportunities, we staged a physically distanced trick-or-treat route through our studio!  We had a wonderful time learning choreography, making a craft, playing games and trick-or-treating.

“Costume Week” Covid-Style as much Fun as Ever!

We had a few additional restrictions on costumes for this year’s Costume Week in order to maintain all of our necessary sanitization policies, but the dancers did not disappoint!  Dancers of all ages dressed up for class throughout the week, and everyone looked fabulous!

Congratulations September Examinees!

Congratulations to all of our Cecchetti dancers who prepared for September exams!  We hadn’t been back to in-person training for every long, and it certainly took a great deal of effort on the part of each dancer, but everyone did a fabulous job!

“Beep & Greet” and Our New Season!

Without being able to hold an effective in-person Open House this year, our “Beep and Greet” turned out to be a lovely substitution!  Thank you to all families who were able to attend.  And now, we’re back for a new season!  As we begin Season 29, while the temperature checks, modified traffic floor, shortened classes and taped floors look and feel a bit different, much of what we do remains the same.  We’re thrilled to have our teachers and dancers sharing a classroom together again!

Distanced “Newsies” a Success!

Congratulations to the cast of DBTE’s “Newsies”!  The dancers performed three times during the last weekend of August, to an outdoor audience sprawled across the hillside of Middletown’s Wiles Branch Park.  The studio remains grateful to the Town of Middletown for their support and generosity in providing a venue for these performances.  The cast included one DBTE senior taking her final bow, Mallory Beck, who portrayed the role of Katherine.  Keller Knight was cast in the role of Jack Kelly, and the entire cast of newsboys and adult characters was rounded out by 15 of our studio dancers, some of whom played three roles because this show typically requires more than 40 actors!  Congratulations to the dancers, and their directors, Abby Buchanan (director), Lisa Dodson (vocals) and Sam Buchanan (choreography).  Thanks also to all the parents who helped with scenery and sound!